Remote Directional Services

Remote directional drilling is a cost-reduction solution for directional drilling companies, and thus saving money to customers.
Using existing Pason's Directional System, the software-based product transmits directional drilling information, and provides remote access to the data in real-time. This system reduces overall service costs and increases employee safety by minimizing the number of workers required at the rig site. This system enables a directional driller to monitor and manage multiple wells, using a suite of tools to communicate with the driller on the rig floor and in the doghouse.

We remotely access the system wherever there is an Internet connection, read and enter surveys in our office where directional control is monitored.
Directional decisions are quickly made, and communicated to onsite driller to proceed drilling or do directional corrections (slide).
We are able to simultaneously monitor wells via two large monitor in our office.

We provide our customers with all requested directional reports in timely manner. We also consider their concerns, if requested, provide them with professional advise regarding any directional concerns, or any issue related to drilling improvement and optimization.

We are ready to adapt and set up any other similar system that allow transmitting and receiving information via Internet.